Sunday, June 26, 2022

Popular Nigerian Pastor Beats Pregnant Wife To Coma

The founder of Victor’s Church, Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, Pastor Folayemi Richard, has reportedly beaten his pregnant wife, Odunola, to coma over a rift between the couple.

The pastor was said to have committed the assault in their residence located at Ita Olodan, Upper Gaa-Akanbi in Ilorin.

The wife disclosed that the incident occurred in January 2021 when their wedding was three months old and her pregnancy was a month old.

Odunola lamented that even when she collapsed, her husband kept torturing her, brutalising her with a cable wire, adding that a neighbour, who is an older woman, came to mediate for her but was overpowered and pushed aside by the cleric.

The cleric’s wife said she had been experiencing marital turbulence since their marriage in late September 2020.

She added that her husband had once beaten her till she became unconscious.

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