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I would have loved for Zahra to finish school and live with me a little longer before getting married to Buhari’s son – Emir of Bichi (Video)

The Emir of Bichi, Kano, Nasir Ado Bayero, has said he wishes his daughter, Zahra, would complete her studies and stay with him a bit longer before getting married to President Buhari’s son, Yusuf. 

Zahra and Yusuf are set to tie the knot on Friday, August 20. The wedding Fatiha will be held at Bichi Central Masjid, followed by a reception at the Emir’s Palace in Bichi.  

In an exclusive interview with DailyTrust, the monarch spoke about his relationship with his children.

The Emir said it was a difficult decision to marry off any of his children because he is close to them all.

“I’m very close to my children, so sending away Zahra is also an issue for me, but we thank God. She’s a young girl, only 20; and she’s in her final year in the university studying architecture,” he said. 

The Wedding Fathia

“I would have loved for Zahra to stay and finish her school and live with me a little longer, but we cannot change what God has ordained, we can only pray and wish them a successful married life.”  

Perhaps the decision became more difficult for the monarch after having married off another of his daughters earlier in the year.

The Emir said he took solace from the Hadiths, especially the part where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, ‘When you successfully raise three daughters and marry them off, Allah will give you a place in paradise”.

“This is my prayer and hope that through them God will give me Aljanah,” he added. 

The coronation and the presentation of staff to the business tycoon turned monarch, who seats as Chairman of the Board of 9mobile as well as several other companies, will be held a day after the wedding Fatiha.

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