Monday, June 27, 2022

What I’ll Do If I Catch My Partner Cheating – Nigerian Rapper, Chilly B Reveals

Rapper cum actress, Amadi Chinyere Moses, popularly known as Chilly B, is not willing to forgive a cheating partner.

The single mother of one enumerated to Saturday Sun the conditions that would make her dump or stay with an unfaithful lover.

“Yes, I can forgive him and stay in the relationship if I want a pound of flesh. If he cheats on me, I’ll cheat back, this time with his friend. Even the holy book says do not do to others what you wouldn’t like them to do to you. I am a loyal lover, but you don’t take advantage of that to treat me badly. We’ll both cheat and then resolve the issues. On the other hand, if I don’t love him and he cheats on me, I’ll use it as an excuse to leave the relationship, and no going back.”

On Nollywood, Chilly B believes the industry is filled with unhealthy competition, most especially, amongst the female.

She narrated a personal experience thus: “There was an event and I perfectly fitted into what the organiser wanted for their guests. Then, an upcoming artiste was asked to give them my contact, and she said she would do so if only she will be allowed to also perform at the event. As God would have it, a Lil’ bird directed them to my page and boom… I was not only invited but I also performed that night. But guess what? This is someone I called my friend!”

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