Monday, June 27, 2022

“My entire look is worth over N40M” – Ifu Ennada

One of the participants of the AMVCA awards event show and also a Popular reality star in the person of Ifu Ennada has now come out to clear the air as regards the cost of her outfit worn to the award night.

Ifu Ennada having earlier revealed she was styled by a celebrity fashionista in the person of Toyin Lawani noted that the outfit that was worn cost her the sum of $100,000.

Sharing photos of herself putting on the outfit on her Instagram handle, she noted
“First of all, I want to thank everyone who saw and understood the creativity and beauty in my AMVCA Transformer Look last night”.

“Now to those Cret!ns who wrote crap about my Look or intentionally posted my Look just to bash me, here’s what I have to say;
1) My entire look is worth over 100k USD… Yes, you read that right! So if you don’t have a minimum of 10k USD in a domiciliary acct, you have no right to speak on my Look. Basically, stay away from criticizing my outfit if you’re a broke a$s.

2) My Look was designed and styled by the King of Fashion @tiannahsplacempire, a woman who’s well ahead of her time and dominates in a country where people think only simple basic red carpet dresses deserve to be called “Best Dressed”,
so, if you’ve never crossed the border, in fact, if you’ve never gone beyond African Countries, if all you know about advanced countries is what you see on Africa Magic, DO NOT SPEAK ON MY DRESS‼️

3) Lastly, I am not one to please anyone, I always mind my business and I always do what I want because I really don’t give a fuqq about most people..I wanted to scatter everywhere and so far, I think I did just that, so if your existence hasn’t shaken the internet at any point in your miserable life, if all you do is sit in a god for s@kn cubicle and hate on how people choose to live their lives, DO NOT SPEAK ON MY DRESS

“My entire look is worth over N40M” – Ifu Ennada

PS: The mission was not to win best Dressed but to bring Met Gala to AMVCA and I DID JUST THAT.”

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