Sunday, June 26, 2022

Nollywood actor Lege Miami exposes Nigerian man, fights over US Lady.

Nollywood actor Lege Miami exposes Nigerian man, fights over US Lady.

The nollywood actor Adams Kehinde popularly known as Lege Miami has been dragged by a man on Instagram over an American lady.

According to a particular blogger who disclosed the details of the show, he made known to people the reasons for the fight between the Nollywood actor and Nigerian man.

He wrote:

“So what happened is that Lege went beside to call a lady who is a US citizen and told her that the guy she just met is a scammer. Say that one just wan use her as picker and other stuff, so lege advise the lady that he will give her someone who will love her and take good care of her. Lege said a lot of things about Nigerian guys and how their scam those in abroad all in the name of relationship, but the lady later sent everything lege told her to the guy, so listen to that voice note carefully. The said guy is the first person on the live video and the guy also base abroad but he already promise to treat lege fuck up as him don get lege’s house address. I dey come I will post next update just on your notification because if dem beat lege una tag me na swear I go give una”.

Reacting to this, Nigerians have blasted Lege for betraying his country as they throw some harsh words at him.

What’s your reaction!

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