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“How can one man marry over 6wives and still have his brain intact” —Governor Wike replies Ned Nwoke.

“How can one man marry over 6wives and still have his brain intact” —Governor Wike replies Ned Nwoke.

The governor of Rivers state has blasted Ned Nwoke the husband of a popular nollywood actress over his statements concerning who to rule Nigeria.

He said:
“Ned Nwoko should tell Nigerians what he has achieved ever since he joined politics other than jumping from one little girl to another. A Pedophile coming to talk to me a sitting Governor should hide his face in shame.

I joined PDP before him, he has no political structure in PDP. I have a higher stake in PDP than he. If he’s man enough let him contest for PDP Presidential primary election and watch if he will get one single vote.

“This is a man after drinking Ogogoro mixed with burukutu, he will go in search of little girls to defile. His only achievement since he joined politics is marrying different kinds of women and this is the type of person PDP Delta State gave the mandate to contest for Senatorial position in the forthcoming election. Is that how Nigeria is going to change for the better.

“Ned Nwoko should face the pyramid of wives he gathered in his house and leave Wike alone. It’s obvious he no longer thinks straight like a normal human being. Tell me, how can one man marry over 6 wives and still have his brain intact.”

Reacting to this which he shared through BBC Media, many Nigerians have been amazed at the governor’s reaction.
What’s your reaction!!

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