Sunday, June 26, 2022

Tears Flow As Quintuplet Brothers Carry Their Only Dead Sister’s Coffin

Is was so sad that a little girl lost her life and the cause of her death was not revealed.

It was also reported that the little girl who lost her life was a quintuplet and she happens to be the only girl in their set. Her death was a big shock to her whole family and their church and during her funeral her brothers could be seen crying through out the whole funeral procession,

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The whole family was spotted carrying the casket on matching dresses and veils.

As they carried their sister’s casket, the four siblings were observed crying through out in front of people that attended the event with their parents at their sides.

It was a big lost to the whole family we pray that comfort them in Jesus name.

Send some comforting message to the family via the comments section.

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