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A final-year lady who is studying business administration at Ibadan state polytechnic ran mad after being dropped from a latest Mercedes Benz.

It was reported that the lady left school with a man during the week, According to the eye witness the lady came back to school with the man a few days later and he dropped her and drove away with his Mercedes Benz.

A few minutes later we saw her misbehaving, it took the efforts of the security men at the gate to stop her from going outside the school. And when the security officers were able to get hold of her, they discovered that she has ran mad and the school authority contacted her parents through one of her roommates.

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The parents came to the school immediately after they received the call from the school authority and the school authority handed her over to her parents who later took her to a spiritualist home called Queen Mother Spiritual temple.

The Spiritualist revealed that the lady was used by someone who slept with her in exchange for money. The person has seen her bright future and used her for money ritual. He, however, revealed that the parents should take quick action for her to regain her senses because the incident happened not more than three days. Supposed they delay her more than a week, it would have been very difficult to restore her to normalcy.

The Spiritualist asked the parents to buy a live pigeon with some other Spiritual items to move ahead of the man who carried out this wicked act that made her into a state of madness.

On hearing the cause of her madness, the lady’s parents were furious because she didn’t lack anything pertaining to her studies. why must she engage in such a heinous act after what they sent to her during her last demand, but was calmed down by the Spiritualist.

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