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Father-of-five, 53, scoops £1million on the lottery after following his late mother’s advice to buy two lucky dips – but didn’t realise until after he’d ‘fed the fish and got a cup of tea’

A father-of-five identified as Robert Cameron

is now £1million richer after he obeyed his late mother’s advice and picked up two lottery tickets.

Robert Cameron is a 53-year-old dad who is from Glasgow, the 53 years old man stated that he bought a lottery number after his late mum advise him to do so and after a long time he initially forgot to buy the ticket, but his youngest son reminded him to pick a ticket.

The 53-year-old man said he obeyed his son and bought a ticket for the lottery for the first time with the little change he had in his pocket.

He added that after buying the tickets ‘he just went about his usual daily routine – fed the fish, got a cup of tea – and later decided to the tickets.’

According to him when he checked the result the next day, he laughed when he realized he had won just £3.70 – and he thought that would win from the tickets.

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According to him, he stated that after that day

I always check on the app and of course the same congratulations message popped up as the day before with my £3.70. 

He said he later use the money he won to buy another ticket and wa still half asleep, when he looked again and saw that he has won £100,000“.

‘he said he took a third look for him to realise he was a millionaire. he said he even Googled the winning numbers to double check it.’

Mr Cameron’s winning numbers for the Lotto draw on July 30 were 7, 16, 17, 19 and 33, and the bonus ball was 12. He finally added in his words

am so grateful I followed my mum’s advice – I feel like my luck was thanks to her looking down on me.’

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