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Beast Of No Nation Kid-Actor Abraham Attah Shows Off Thick And Firm Dreadlock In New Photos, Peep The New Look (Video)

Agu AKA Abe was the Kid-star of the 2015 Blockbuster Beast of no nation having been underground for many years has finally shared photos of his new look on Instagram. And it is shaking Social media platforms. See Beast Of No Nation Kid-Actor Abraham Attah New look.

Just recently Abraham Attah dropped some new photos on his Instagram page that left many stunned at how much he had grown years after Beast Of No Nation The handsome young actor showed off his thick and long dreadlocks as he relaxed in a bedroom.

The photo amazed many as they could not get over how quickly Abraham had grown and dropped interesting comments. See Beast Of No Nation Kid-Actor Abraham Attah New look.

Abraham Attah, is known for his sterling acting display in the Holywood blockbuster, Beast Of No Nation, as he played the character Agu & together with Stryker made it an action thriller. 

Abraham Attah

The young man was just a boy when he starred in the movie which was released in 2015. Young Abraham is no longer a boy. He has grown into a handsome, fine gentleman and some new photos he shared on his Instagram page showed just that. In the photos, Abraham had grown his dreadlocks thick and long. 

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Visibly to netizens, the dreads could be seen covering a large chunk of his forehead area and reaching down to his eyes. From the photo, it looked like Abraham was seated on the floor while he relaxed his head on the footboard of a bed. 

Some were shocked by his immense growth. They exclaimed that the little Agu they were introduced to back in 2015 was a mature man now. See Beast Of No Nation Kid-Actor Abraham Attah New look.

Below is  Video of him in action on a BMX & some notable comments:

emenaasomba said: Your tiny cute nails timelessmoney1 commented: I watched your movie previously. Can’t lie, you changed so fast Agu 

_naima_nd asked: Fellow Ghanaians in the comments section sup with the eii eii ‍

beast of no nation


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