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Setting the Pace for Affordable Luxury Meet Sijibomi Ogundele who rose from wheelbarrow pusher to Nigerian real estate billionaire

Setting the Pace for Affordable Luxury. The exceptional Sijibomi Ogundele AKA Sujimoto is by far arguably one of the youngest in Nigeria with the success he has had in the real estate sector His company, Sujimoto Construction is one of the most successful real estate and construction companies in Nigeria. Setting the Pace for Affordable Luxury.

Mr. Sujimoto’s story is nothing but inspiring to young Nigerians hoping to make a success of themselves in whatever field they may specialize in. The young Mogul’s rise to fame and prominence is nothing but an inspiring story of how a man born without a silver spoon can make it in Nigeria. 

The Sujimoto founder, as he is fondly called, is the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Sujimoto Construction, a luxury construction giant that focuses on building extraordinary edifices in upscale neighborhoods. Setting the Pace for Affordable Luxury.

Born on April 8, 1981, to a working father, Samson Idowu Ogundele, and a businesswoman mother, Sijibomi grew up on the streets of Agege. Growing up in an impoverished neighborhood in Oko-Oba, where only 2 residents had a generator set, Sijibomi made a vow never to remain poor, but become a success story. 

Attending Oko-Oba Primary School, Ijebu-Ode Grammar School, and Lagos State Model College, Meiran. He later left Nigeria to study Law at the Anglia Ruskin University, in England. Affordable Luxury

Because of his wide travels, Sijibomi now speaks Hausa, Yoruba, French, Spanish, and a little bit of Arabic and Japanese. As he is Setting the Pace for Affordable Luxury 

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Growing up as the son of a trader mother and watching the enterprising Igbo traders in the Oke-Arin market where his mother owned a shop, Sijibomi’s passion for the business was fueled. His first knowledge of the business was gotten from following his mother to the market and learning different aspects of the business. 

Also, While helping out his mother in the market, he would assist her in conveying her goods as a wheelbarrow pusher. He would also help other traders in the market with his wheelbarrow thereby earning some wages. 

From his little savings at a young age, he started a bike business. While beginning to realize his destiny in business, real estate seemed to be the preferred door to walk through. 

Going into real estate

Mr. Sijibomi’s interest in real estate was sparked while living in South France in 1998 brokering deals in Project Management and Financing. However, his first major break was when in 2011 when he bought an apartment in Paris and decided to remodel it. After completion of the remodeling, he sold the apartment for more than double the amount he initially bought it. 

This single act ignited and further deepened his interest in real estate and there has since been no going back. Moving back to Nigeria in 2014, the mission for Sijibomi was to revolutionize the Nigerian luxury real estate market. 

Founding Sujimoto Group 

Affordable Luxury doesn’t come cheap too, Based on his vision to redefine luxury living, the Sujimoto Group was founded in 2013 in partnership with Yazeed Alrahji, a real estate magnate in Saudi Arabia. The name Sujimoto was borrowed from Sijibomi’s mentor, Sujimoto Koga, a Japanese professor. Sijibomi has often stated that the professor helped boost his confidence and influenced his business initiatives. Today, the firm has offices in the big cities of Lagos, Abuja, Accra, Riyadh, Dubai, Madrid, and Paris. 

Sujimoto’s Projects

We saved the best for last. Sujimoto Group is renowned for holding the fort of luxury real estate in Nigeria’s biggest city, building ravishing structures of the highest detail quality. 

A set of 16 townhouses of 4-bedroom apartments in Accra, Ghana, known as Lincoln Avenue was Sujimoto’s first major real estate project. Some of its most amazing projects include MediciBySujimoto, the LucreziaBySujimoto in Banana Island, LeonardoBy Sujimoto in Banana Island, The Giovanni and The HQ in Ikoyi; QueenAminaBySujimoto in Abuja, and of course, The Sujimoto tower in Dubai, a 44 story building. As the brand keeps Setting the Pace for Affordable Luxury.

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