Monday, February 6, 2023

(Video) Ogene Master Ejyk Nwamba “I Will Love to Collaborate With Burna Boy, Davido, Duncan Mighty, Terry G ” in 2023

The prolific Igbo Indigenous genre of music Ogene singer Ejike Obiano Benedict a.k.a Ejyk Nwamba has revealed the challenges he faced with his brand of music, especially in the early stages. as Ogene Master Ejyk Nwamba voices in the new year.

Mr. Nwamba Made it known, that many see his genre of music as local and do not give artistes before him doing the same brand of music their due respect Nwamba stated his desire to collaborate with top and internationally recognized Nigerian singers like Davido & Burna Boy in his songs. 

Also, the Fast-rising singer Ejyk Nwamba has revealed his desire to take his music career to the next level with collaborations with singers on their A-game in the Nigerian music industry. The Ogene music crooner whose sound deploys Igbo music instruments like the slit drum, ogene, ichaka, and others is fast gaining mainstream acceptance. 

Mr. Nwabma noted that he would like to collaborate with the likes of Burna Boy, Davido and Duncan Mighty, and others. “I will love to collaborate with Burna Boy, Davido, Duncan Mighty, Terry G, and many more. These artists are good at their craft and very authentic. They inspire me a great deal. It will be a great honor to work with them”. 

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When asked about his fanbase experience The instrumentalist said female fans harassing male singers hasn’t happened to him. The gifted versatile singer has stated that he loves and values his fans regardless of their gender, “I have never had issues with my female fans. Without my fans, I will not be where I am today I don’t think I have had any weirdest experience with a female fan”. 

However, the musician noted that the major challenge he faced was getting people to accept his genre of music. “The challenge I faced at the beginning of my music career was getting people to accept my genre of music. When I started out, my genre wasn’t widely recognized and accepted. Artists before me were always seen as local and not given their due respect. I thank God that has changed.” Nwamba also mentioned another challenge on his part in making his brand of music 

“Finance was also a problem for me because I wasn’t born into riches. I had to build from the scratch without support or backing. I thank God for how far he has brought me”. 

Finally, the  Anambra state-born Ogene singer revealed the major boost to his budding music career. With the help of social media and music streaming platforms, his music is traveling far. 

He said, “Growing my music to the point of being verified on audiomack is a boost for my music career. I achieved the feat by making music people can vibe to. My goal is to constantly create authentic danceable cultural tunes. Music started for me in church. I also recall that we started out performing at public functions like weddings.” Ogene Master Ejyk Nwamba “I Will Love to Collaborate With Burna Boy, Davido, Duncan Mighty, Terry G ” in 2023.


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